Recreational Coaching

If you are interested in coaching for any of our Recreational programmes, please complete a Indoor Volunteer Application 2016-2017 and return it to the soccer office at RIM Park.

Recreational Coaching Clinics

New coaches in each division and returning coaches must attend one of the Recreational Coaching Clinics held by WMSC Club Technical Coaches which will cover games and practices for your age group.

Our Coaching Clinics for the Outdoor 2017 season are below.


Soccer Fun – April 18

U7/8 – April 19

U9/10 – April 20

U11/12 – April 24

11-a-side – April 25

All clinics at indoor at Bechtel Park from 6-8pm.

Soccer Fun U4/U5 and Soccer Fun U6

WMSC has developed a coaching manual to assist coaches in the  Soccer Fun programmes, many of whom will be first time coaches. The Active Start programme outlined in this book provides young girls and boys with a progression of skill-learning and games that are suited to the abilities of the 4-6 year old age group. Teams of 6 and 8 players are grouped in 2 divisions – Soccer Fun U4/U5 (co-ed 4-5 years old) and Soccer Fun U6 (all boy/girl  6 year old). This manual is available for download here.

U7 to U10 Soccer – Learn to Train
Practice sessions have been developed for Waterloo Minor Soccer U7 to U10 League. The practice sessions have been set up so that they can be completed in a 15 – 20 minute duration. This fits in with the new format for U7/8 which will see a practice on each outing for a team prior to game play. Practices can be expanded for a longer duration or doubled up for U9/10 practices that are an hour duration.Teams in these age division will also have club lead practices. There are eight sessions in total covering Ball Mastery, Coerver Box cuts and changes of direction, Receiving and Passing and Attacking and Defending. It is intended that coaches will repeat the sessions once they have cycled through them the first time. Coaches can download the practice session documents here (a zip archive of seven pdf files) or here individually:
Session Plan 1
Session Plan 2
Session Plan 3 (and 4)
Session Plan 5
Session Plan 6
Session Plan 7
Session Plan 8

A significant amount of resources and session plans exist on the Ontario Soccer website. Please utilize the Grassroots Practices section for further session plans.

U12 Learn to Train Coaching Manual
Skill demonstration is very important, and players learn best by “doing”. This is also an important time to teach basic principles of play and to establish a training ethic and discipline. The manual found here outlines what was discussed in the U12 coaching clinic, and is based on the principles of LTPD as set out by OSA/CSA.

Indoor Futsal Rules
Futsal rules – 2016 17 (in pdf format)

Coach Training
Workshops for each Mini-Soccer division are offered every spring by Waterloo Minor Soccer to provide new coaches with a “hands-on” introduction to the material in this book. Attendance at this workshop for the specific age group is also required each time any one coaches in a new division for the first time. For more information contact the Soccer Office at 519-578-9680.

Summary of “How we Play”

  U4 and U5 U6 U7/8 U9/10 U12
Playing Format 3v3 (No GK) 3v3 (No GK) 4v4 (no GK)/5v5 (GK) 7v7 (including GK) 9v9 (including GK)
Game Style Within team With other team With other team With other team With other team
Field Size N/A 25x30m 25×30 30×40 42×60
Goal Size N/A Pug Nets Field nets Field nets Field nets
Penalty Area N/A N/A N/A Yes Yes
Ball Size 3 3 3 4 4
Goalkeepers N/A N/A U7 – noU8 – yes Yes Yes
Offside N/A N/A N/A No Yes
Throw ins N/A NO – Pass in No -Pass in No – Pass in Yes
Retreat Line N/A n/a n/a – U7, U8 – 1/2 Yes – 1/3 Yes – 1/3
Referee N/A N/A N/A Yes Yes
Substitutions N/A Unlimited (on the fly) Unlimited (on the fly) Unlimited (any stoppage) Unlimited (any stoppage)
Squad Size 8 6 10 11 14
Game Duration N/A 2 x 15 min 2 x 15 2×20 2×25
End of Season Tournament N/A N/A Festival Festival Festival

Featured Team Showcase

Past Player & Team Showcase