Why choose the WMSC OPDL Program?
WMSC was founded in 1971 and serves the Region of Waterloo. Through our affiliation with the City of Waterloo, we have access to some of the best facilities in the Region. We pride ourselves on hiring well-qualified and experienced Nationally licensed coaches.

We are fortunate to have an abundance of resources and community organizations to partner in support of this league within the RIM Park facility and surrounding neighborhood.

Who can participate?
All new license holders will begin their OPDL offering at the U13 Division. The program at WMSC will commence with tryouts in September 2017 and will be open to Boys and Girls born in 2005.

2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
U13 (2005) U13 (2006) U13 (2007) U13 (2008) U13 (2009)
  U14 (2005) U14 (2006) U14 (2007) U14 (2008)
    U15 (2005) U15 (2006) U15 (2007)
      U16 (2005) U16 (2006)
        U17 (2005)

What does an OPDL player look like at WMSC?

  • An OPDL player at WMSC exudes commitment, passion, a positive attitude, and a strong work ethic.
  • An OPDL player at WMSC is coachable, shows development potential, and practices good sportsmanship.
  • An OPDL player at WMSC displays athleticism, technical ability, creativity, and intelligence.
  • At WMSC our priority creating a team of like-minded players who will strive to improve together.

What are the key timelines for OPDL? (Open Trials, Training, League Play)

  • WMSC has scheduled several open trials commencing in the month of September. Please visit our General Information page for full details on registration and schedule.
  • Training will commence mid-January in conjunction with the OPDL guidelines.
  • The league operates from May to early November

What is the scoop on Open Trials for the OPDL program?

  • There are no geographic boundaries for OPDL teams.
  • An open trial is open to players who desire an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to participate within an OPDL License Holder and is of the appropriate age for registration and gender for the team’s designation.
  • No more than 35 players should be allowed at each open trial to provide for a more responsible evaluation process.
  • A player must have the opportunity to attend a minimum of three of these events before a final decision is made on that player.
  • Players may attend more than one open trial simultaneously with different OPDL License Holders.
  • A player who is a year younger is eligible to attend trials and may be selected if the OSA determines that playing up one year would be in the best interest of the player’s development.
  • Following the trial process, the most skilled and dedicated players will be selected regardless of residency or affiliation.

What are other teams in our league?

  • Please standby for the official announcement.

When and where will games be played?

  • Games will be played primarily on weekends, with all teams playing a mix of home games, away games, and games at a central venue.
  • Assembling all teams in a Central venue exposes OPDL players on a regular basis to scouts from the Provincial and National teams and Canadian and U.S. university and college programs.

What is the schedule and time commitment?

  • OPDL teams will operate between mid-January and the end of October, and teams will train three (3) times a week.
  • There will be intensive indoor pre-season training between mid-January and the beginning of April, with a few weekend exhibition games.
  • The season will consist of approximately 20 league games beginning in May and ending in late October.
  • No games will be scheduled on summer long weekends and the league will establish a 2-week summer break.
  • There will be a substantial amount of travel for the weekend games, possibly including a few Friday nights away.
  • A break of 6 to 8 weeks will be scheduled between the beginning of December to mid-January

How will the OPDL affect multi-sport athletes?

  • WMSC promotes multi-sport participation as a means to develop an all-around athlete. However, should a player be selected and choose to play at the OPDL level, the time commitment mandates their OPDL team must be their first sports priority.
  • OPDL players shall not participate in any other soccer programming with the exception of participation in Ontario Soccer Talent Development Centres, Provincial projects/programs, National Team programs or official trial or development opportunities, as deemed appropriate by the OPDL.

If a player does not wish to become soccer-dedicated at U13 could he or she make the choice later?

  • Absolutely! WMSC will host open trials annually for each division.
  • WMSC Technical Staff will actively continue to monitor the development of all club players in their age group.

Can the u13 OPDL teams participate in tournaments?

  • Yes, OPDL teams can participate in Pre Season tournaments with the approval of Ontario Soccer.

If a player does not get selected or chooses not to play for the OPDL team, what other options will they have?

  • WMSC will continue growing its Regional and District leagues. At the time of registration, players shall indicate their interest in registering for OPDL and/or Regional team consideration.

What are the estimated player fees?
WMSC is estimating a total annual fee of $3,600 for the program for ~11 months of activities including:

  • National certified Team Head Coach;
  • Provincial certified Assistant Coach;
  • Weekly goalkeeping coaching;
  • Strength and conditioning coaching;
  • Food and nutrition guidance;
  • Sports medicine personnel;
  • A National certified Club Technical Director;
  • Highest quality, year-round, indoor and outdoor training facilities;
  • Full-time qualified admin and support staff.

What facilities will WMSC program utilize?

  • OPDL teams will access both Turf and Grass fields, including RIM Park and Bechtel Indoor facility.
  • Indoor training may include access to a double school gym.